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You’re here!! You found the website that offers real deep discount wholesale properties throughout NC in Wilmington, and Jacksonville and Asheville, areas.

North Carolina wholesales is a real estate investment company that specializes in acquiring properties well below market value and wholesaling these properties to our VIP Buyers. We’re not new in this business, you’re dealing with a company that’s rehabbed houses (So We Know How To Estimate Repairs), that’s buying rentals for their own portfolio (So We Understand How To Evaluate Returns), and we’ve been active buyers for years. When we send you a deal, it’s a deal!

Some other advantages you will have buying from us.. We’re local and know the best areas to invest, we offer turnkey service for out of state and international investors, we have countless testimonials from clients that have purchased houses from us, and most importantly we care about your success. Give us a call at 828-373-6840 and we’ll help you develop a strategy to purchase in this market for FREE.